As I write about the colorful vent figure, I'm wondering if I still have him stored away somewhere? I know I turned down many purchase inquiries. He's made in traditional vent figure style - that is, with rigid hollow body and head on head post. Lever controlled mouth plus wide eye-ed movement. Wings were attached by mono filament line to the base of the head so he would automatically gesture with his wings as the head was turned left and right.

I made this puppet from a large plush toy. Actually, all I used from the original was the cloth "skin". I constructed totally new under structure made of a heavy duty form of paper machie using builder's "red rosin paper". I laminated thick pieces of Styrofoam together and then carved the body and head forms which were wrapped tightly with aluminum foil. Layers of paper machie were then applied. After drying (it takes several days), the rigid shell covering is cut in half at the point of greatest circumference. The mechanics are then installed. And only after the figure is completed and tested is the cloth fur covering stretched over the unit to complete the figure.