12"-15" tall, these four puppets were carved from a piece of mattress foam. Spray painted for color. Relatively quick and easy. I used all these "talking props" personally as teaching aids.
The bone was used with a dog puppet.
The dark brown object was removed from a bread wrapper for a lesson on the "bread of life".
The nail, as a recall, was used for a Good Friday lesson.
The donut helped with a song, written by Rob Evans, "The Donut Man". "Life is like a donut - there's a hole in the middle of your heart."
(Note: The mouth on the donut is simply a slit cut completely through, a frowning curve on one side; smiling curve on the other. Fingers inserted from either side simply pull down on the foam to open the mouth. The round "hole" is wedged in place and easily removed/replaced. The other three puppets are cut in half at the mouth position and a piece of folded felt is glued to each half to act as a hinge. I made a finger hole in the back of the top half and a thumb hole in the back of the lower half. Bending either half of the puppet backwards slightly would open the mouth.)