The yellow duck is a hand puppet by Shelly. It has no legs, but was a cute puppet and good for the beginner's practice. To be truly effective for use by a ventriloquist, such legless puppets need a stage. As a result, I designed the "hand held portable puppet stage" (see post below).

The gray dog is made of two small individual serving size cereal boxes. The pooch had open & close mouth, wiggling nose, raising hair, and flapping ears, all operated from a short headpost. It was a crazy evening project as a result of a challenge from a local puppeteer friend.

The plastic banana fruit? Yes, it has a moving mouth operated from the backside by the index finger of the hand that holds it.

The red heart with big smile is technically not a puppet. I used it as an object lesson visual prop. The mouth is surface mounted on a pivot, and spring loaded. Initially the heart is displayed with a frowning mouth. At the appropriate time during the presentation, the prop can be remotely triggered. Quicker than the eyes can follow, the frown flips 180 degrees into a smile. Very fun and leaves great visual impact.

(And what's the black plastic spider doing behind the duck? I have no idea! Must have been a prop I kept inside the box for use with some hand puppet.)